Logic in Python #1 | Using If-else to find the largest number

list = [234, 77855555, 18176]
print('the largest number is : ', list[-1])

What’s the logic?

Okey, Suppose I have 3 variables a, b, and c.

When is variable b said to be the largest?

So the answer is that variable b will be said to be the largest if it is greater than the value of a and also greater than the value of c.

a, b, c = (234, 77855555, 18176 )
print('show value A : ', a)
print('show value B : ', b)
print('show value C : ', c)

if a > b and a > c:
print('the largest A value with the value : ', a)
elif b > a and b > c:
print('the largest B value with the value : ', b)
print('the largest C value with the value ', c)



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